VMC Logo Usage Guidelines

Include the Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC) logo in all of the promotional materials for your exhibit. This will ensure that people remember where to find your exhibit. It will also help to promote the online content created by fellow Canadian institutions.

Guidelines and Specifications


The following guidelines for the application and use of the VMC/MVC logotypes include reproduction quality logo designs that can be used in publications, advertisements, kiosks or other publications.

The reproducible logo versions contained in this guide are for one and two-colour applications. This document provides distinct guidelines and artwork for print and reflective promotional vehicles, and the Web and multimedia applications.

Used primarily on material that is public facing, the virtualmuseum.ca logo incorporates three graphic elements, the virtualmuseum.ca symbol, the words “virtualmuseum.ca” and the maple leaf.

The three elements have a relationship that helps reinforce the brand character. The virtualmuseum.ca logo must appear prominently on all materials published by virtualmuseum.ca in print, web and video formats.

In particular, the logo must appear on all materials used for advertising, marketing or promotion online and offline and on all displays created for virtualmuseum.ca.

When the virtualmuseum.ca logo is used on a web page, it should serve as the link to the virtualmuseum.ca web page.

Note that the words “virtualmuseum.ca” are a graphic element, inseparable from the symbol.

The words may not be recreated with any font, nor resized, nor rearranged for any reason.

Exception: The logo may only be separated when used as a watermark for video use. The VMC symbol and maple leaf may be used in conjunction with each other without the “virtualmuseum.ca” text.

Safe Area Around Logo

A safe area around the virtualmuseum.ca logo is preserved to allow for maximum legibility of the logo. No elements such as typography, other logos, graphics or photos may intrude upon this safe area. In addition, placing the logo too close to a cut or folded edge also violates the safe area.


Note: The grey “frame” is for demonstration only. The safe area is not gray. It is a blank area, free of any elements.

Unacceptable executions

The following executions apply to the virtualmuseum.ca:

  • Do not alter or change the logo colour.


  • Do not skew, rotate or outline the logo.


  • Do not alter, change or add other elements to the logo. Do not change the typeface.


  • Do not place the logo over photos, textures or colours that make the logo difficult to read.


  • Do not use the logo or symbol as part of a phrase.


*This manual is instructional. The logo and symbol appear more than once per page for demonstration purposes only.

Bilingual usage

From time to time both the French and English logos will be required to be used in conjunction with each other. The French and English logos may be stacked on top of their respective equivalent, or can be placed side-by-side with 1x spacing between the logos. This is the preferred selection.


Size restrictions

In order to maximize legibility on printed materials, the VMC family of logos may not appear smaller than 1″ wide in print or 125 pixels wide online. Exceptions may be sought by contacting infovmc@historymuseum.ca.

In general, while the VMC family of logos must be prominently displayed on all communication vehicles, it should not be the dominant graphic element on a page. Common sense should prevail.

Web: For web applications, the VMC family of logos identity may not appear any smaller than 125 pixels wide. The sizes listed below are for a default monitor setting of 800 x 600 pixels.

For Print Usage


For Web Usage


Primary colour palette for print and web

The primary colour palette for the VMC family of logos is red, black and grey. The code for these colours is included in the table below. The logo can only appear in these colours. Prominent use of these colours further reinforces the VMC family of logos brand.

Primary colour palette for print and web







PMS-185 C=0, M=91, Y=76, K=0 R=239, G=62, B=66 FF0033


black C=0, M=0, Y=0, K=100 R=0, G=0, B=0 000000


grey C=0, M=0, Y=0, K=36 R=175, G=177, B=180 AFB1B4

Do not screen the VMC red (PMS-185). Screening red turns the colour to pink. Exceptions would be if the screen were part of a blend. In this case the minimum screen is 85%. The blend must end with 100% of the red.

Colour options for print and web

virtualmuseum.ca logo may appear only with black text and graphics or with white text and graphics. Both options include the choice of including the maple leaf as red or the same colour as the text and graphics.


Reversed option: The background will be a large field of colour. Do not “frame” the logo within a box, circle, rectangle or square.

Background options

The preferred background colours for the VMC family of logos are white and black.

The logo may be imprinted on or reversed out of a photograph if the logo is clearly legible, its primary colours are used and the safe area is preserved. This option works only when the photo includes a suitable area for the logo that is simple and without detail.


Note for mobile

When designing an application/website to be viewed exclusively on a small mobile device (7″ screen size or smaller), or if a smaller logo is required for a responsive design, the following mobile logo should be used.


All print/web logo restrictions apply to the mobile logo (colour options, acceptable executions, background options, etc.). If the audience is viewing the application/website on a tablet or laptop device with a screen size of 10″ or greater, use of the regular logo is required (as previously instructed).

Sample video executions

The virtualmuseum.ca logo can be positioned 1/4 x from the left and bottom edges of the video safe area. Based on a 640×480 screen size, the reversed logo size would be 75 pixels x 18 pixels.


Exception: The logo may only be separated when used as a watermark for video use. The virtualmuseum.ca symbol and maple leaf may be used in conjunction with each other without the “virtualmuseum.ca” text.

Working with others

The virtualmuseum.ca logo should have a safe area around the logo in all sponsorship occasions. This includes logos positioned in a banner. The virtualmuseum.ca shall be preserved to allow for maximum legibility of the logo. No elements such as typography, other logos, or graphics may intrude upon this safe area.


Approval process

All use of the VMC family of logos must be submitted for approval by VMC. For all printed materials, digital design, web design and content please send your requests to: infovmc@historymuseum.ca

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Date modified: June 2017