Virtual Exhibits Investment Program

The Virtual Exhibits investment program helps Canadian museums and heritage organizations develop virtual exhibits and resources that engage online audiences in Canada’s history, heritage and culture.

Next Call for Proposals

The next call for proposals for Virtual Exhibits will open on June 19, 2019.
Check back then for all the details and the updated proposal form.

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Product Types

Proposals can be submitted for the creation of the following types of products.

Note: Each product must provide a complete online experience, independent of a specific context or physical space.

  • Virtual Exhibit: Uses technology to reach and engage visitors with interpreted content organized around a subject and a storyline.
  • Virtual Tour: Uses technology to provide access to and interpretation of a physical space (such as an historic site, a geographical location, or an exhibit) or of an imagined space.
  • Interactive Resource: Uses technology to engage visitors in active play, like a game, hunt or quiz.
  • Educational Resource: Uses technology to engage visitors in learning about a subject directly or indirectly related to a curriculum area.

Value of Investment

The Virtual Exhibit Investment Program provides funding up to a maximum of $250,000 (excluding applicable taxes) per production. This includes mid-range projects of $50,000 to $150,000.


Public or private, not-for-profit Canadian museums and other Canadian historical, heritage and cultural organizations, including equivalent Indigenous peoples’ organizations, are eligible for submission to the VMC Investment Programs.


The budget of the Virtual Exhibit Investment Program is limited and all eligible proposals are evaluated on a competitive basis. The evaluation process takes six months from the proposal submission deadline.

Date modified: February 2019