Post-Launch Obligations

Online products that receive Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC) investment must be produced in both English and French, and be made available online for a period of five years following the launch of the product. During this period, the lead institution is required to:

  • conduct regular verification of all hyperlinks, and correct as required
  • respond to public feedback in a timely manner
  • ensure that the online product infrastructure is managed and maintained (including payment of associated hosting service fees) on an ongoing basis for the duration of the agreement so the online product and its features experience little to no downtime
  • provide the VMC read-only access to the online product’s Google Analytics account as well as respond to VMC requests for user stats when required

If the lead institution updates, changes or otherwise alters the online product in any way at any time during the five years it is online, they are strongly encouraged to:

  • reflect the update, change or alteration in both the English and French versions of the online product
  • work with a skilled writer, editor and translator to ensure quality of text treatment
  • respect the technical specifications of the original online product, unless a better and equally accessible solution is available
  • contact the VMC for approval and advice, as required

Date modified: June 2020