Ineligible Costs

The Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC) does not invest in costs related to:

  • creating institutional websites
  • automating collections management records
  • the development of native mobile applications
  • computers, external hard drives, memory cards and servers
  • printers
  • DVD / CD-burners
  • secondary materials (e.g. CDs, DVDs)
  • mobile devices (e.g. cell phones, tablets) and data/service plans
  • ongoing costs to maintain monitoring and validation of social technologies in products following their launch
  • marketing and promotional expenses (including: Communications personnel)
  • printed materials (e.g. educational materials like teachers’ kits)
  • creation of new artwork (excluding web graphics)
  • office space rental
  • website maintenance
  • search engine registration
  • domain name registration
  • website hosting
  • contingency, unexplained miscellaneous or overhead costs

Date modified: June 2020