Eligible Costs

In calculating proposed Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC) investment in an online product, the lead institution may include costs related to:

  • research and preparation to develop and present content
  • educational expertise (salary or contract)
  • coordination
  • salaries or contracts directly associated with the creation the online product
  • evaluation(s) involving identified target audiences
  • digitization, including rights clearance and documentation
  • product development (including media production; technical, web and accessibility development; and, technical integration and deployment)
  • copyright
  • content translation into the other official language and/or translation verification (see Annex B, for guidance on estimating translation costs)
  • translation into additional languages (may be eligible depending on the project)
  • training or skills development, directly related to the project, that will provide longer-term benefit to the institutions and organizations involved
  • up-front costs to cover setting up moderation functionality directly related to social technologies used to enhance the visitor experience
  • travel, where costs are shown to be essential to the production of the online product
  • software or hardware (e.g. digital scanners) directly related to the production of content for the online product

Note: Costs incurred by other organizations involved in the project may be eligible when shown to be directly related and essential to the production of the online product.

Other proposed costs are considered on their merits in the context of specific proposals. The primary criterion is whether costs are directly related and essential to the production of the online product.

Date modified: June 2020