Use the budget template (XLSX) provided to develop the budget for your online product. Make sure it aligns with your schedule, project description and support letters.

The budget needs to:

  • include costs for all the tasks in the schedule
  • indicate which costs will be covered by the lead institution, the Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC), and other organizations involved in the project
  • under “notes”, explain how costs were calculated (e.g. hourly rate x number of hours) and provide a description of services
  • include any support documentation (e.g. quotes) to show that budget items have been calculated responsibly

Note: The VMC will not invest more than $250,000 per project, excluding applicable taxes. Refer to eligible costs and ineligible costs when assigning costs to the VMC.

The following budget categories and items are identified in the Budget Template:

  • Coordination
    • project management/coordination
    • administrative services and supplies
  • Training or skills development
    • training or skills development
  • Content development
    • writing/research
    • development and presentation of content
    • educational content
    • rights
  • Content/site production
    • digitization
    • graphics/design/illustrations
    • audio
    • video
    • text
    • photography
    • online product development
    • hardware/software
  • Content evaluation
    • content review
    • evaluation/focus groups
    • advisory committee (Elders)
    • audience research
  • Translation and editing
    • translation and editing into official languages
    • translation and editing into additional languages
    • comparative edit
  • Travel
  • Marketing
  • Other

To avoid unexpected changes to the scope of technical work involved in developing the online product, everyone involved in the development should become thoroughly familiar with the VMC Technical Specifications.

Date modified: June 2020