Q1 – Under section 5.5 of the guidelines it states that costs related to the development of native mobile applications are ineligible. Can a mobile application be eligible if the experience provided onsite is replicated and provided to the online user as well?

A1 – Products submitted to the VMC for investment must provide a complete online experience, independent of a specific context or physical space. The VMC may invest in a product that provides such an experience and that replicates it for the onsite visitor. Focus should be on the online experience. Web applications are eligible for VMC support.

Q2 – Do you have a template we can use for the production plan?

A2 – The Virtual Museum of Canada has not offered a template for the production plan in our proposal material for a few years now. Some applicants found it too restrictive. However you can find all the necessary information on how to create a production plan in our Program Guidelines: http://vmc.historymuseum.ca/program-guidelines/ – please see section 5.2

Some extra tips:

  • It’s important to provide dates and durations for each task (even if at this stage the dates are approximate).
  • We recommend that you provide lots of detail for each task.
  • Please ensure that the information given in the project description, the project plan, the budget and the partner support letters are consistent.